The Practice Manager’s Famous Brownie Recipe

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  • 375g Plain chocolate.
  • 375g Butter.
  • 6 Eggs.
  • 500g Sugar.
  • Few drops vanilla essence.
  • 300g Raisins or choc drops or chopped nuts.
  • 220g Plain flour.

– Oven at 180 degrees or 170 if fan oven.

– Lined tin (I use a small roasting tin or grill pan).

– Melt chocolate and butter together in saucepan.

– Mix together eggs, sugar and vanilla

– Stir in still warm chocolate mixture and add raisins, nuts or choc drops.

– Stir in flour.

Pour into lined tin and bake for 33 minutes. Do not over cook! Join our Patient Focus Group and you will have the pleasure of tasting these delicious brownies baked by Liz Moore, Practice Manager. See our Patient Focus Group Area page on the left off the screen.